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Internet shop of sweets for children, children's sweets wholesale and retail with delivery across all territory of Russia and the countries of the customs union

We are a distributor of world famous brands: Kent, Zarbun, Tayas, Zen, Mont Jar, Kervan, ANI, Aras, ANL, Gumi, Intergum "," Beyazpinar "," Mertsan "," Saturn "," Rapsodi "," Saadet "," Barchan "," Eastern sweets "," Elvan ".
TM "KENT" (Sadburygroup, England), in the portfolio of which brands "TOFITA", "TOPI TOP", "BONIBON" are widely known to the Ukrainian and European consumer. Famous and familiar from our childhood chewing gum "LoveIs ...", "Turbo auto" and others.
TM "ANL", "Aras", "Mont Jar" - products of high quality. Chocolate eggs with toys, plastic eggs with dragées, a toy in a large assortment, all in bright, high-quality packaging and has an interesting pricing policy in comparison with analogues.
TM "Elvan", "ANI", "Tayas", "Elvan" - has a wide range of chocolate products from bars to "Truffle" sweets in economical packaging.
TM "Aras", "Zen", "Oriental sweets" are dragees, chewing sweets, plastic eggs and all this with surprises in the form of various toys.
TM "Zarbun", "Rapsodi", "Kervan" - chewing sweets: "Luntiki", "Smurfiki", as well as chewing gum: "Ola Bola", "Masha and the Bear", "Sponge Bob", "Well, Pogodi , "Top Shock", "Agua Cool", "Air Ball", "Rude Dudes", "Bing-Bong", "Pompita" in a wide range and flavor additives.
We invite to trade representatives in the regions.
The scheme of work is available on the link below: http: //youtu.be/_Dc61vadRKsCountry Vkontakte: http://vk.com/public43633571