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Now in Ukraine the legendary Peanut Butter!

A healthy diet for children plays a significant role in their development. It differs in many respects from the nutrition of adults, since the child has a much higher demand for natural products and nutrients, especially those that are involved in his growth and development.
Peanut butter is rich in dietary fiber, it contains 26 mineral substances and 13 vitamins, many of which are not enough in modern food products. The British Encyclopedia says that there are more vitamins, minerals and protein in peanuts than in beef liver; Fat in peanuts is more than in cream; The number of calories in peanuts (548 kcal per 100 g) is greater than in sugar.
Peanut butter paste also contains a small amount of zinc and minerals to strengthen the immune system.
Peanut butter reduces the feeling of hunger. To satisfy hunger, it is best to eat foods that cause a feeling of satiety. These include peanut butter, which contains protein and fibers. Studies have shown that people who regularly consumed peanut butter for breakfast, ate less during the day.
In peanut butter is a lot of iron, so it improves the composition of blood. The presence of magnesium in peanuts, contributes to the normalization of blood pressure and metabolic processes.
With regular use of peanut butter, memory, concentration of attention, and the work of the nervous system improve. Peanuts are very useful in depressive states and uplifts.
Peanut butter is a source of folic acid, which promotes growth and renewal of cells !!! Do you understand what this means? This is the health and growth of our children! This is the health and beauty of their mothers. You, dear women.