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New! Peanut butter paste with black chocolate and mint

Peanut butter (peanut butter) with black chocolate and mint 100 grams of product contain (g): proteins 27g, fats 52.5g, carbohydrates 15.5g, vitamins (mg): E 9mg, B1 0.3mg, B2 0.13mg, PP 13.74 mg.
Shelf life: 1year.
Classical peanut butter (peanut butter) is prepared according to the original recipe from selected peanut varieties. Classical peanut paste is used on sandwiches for tea and coffee alone, or with various additional ingredients (jam, jams, honey, etc.).
Ingredients: peanuts (90%), sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cream dry.
100 grams of the product contain (g): proteins 24.44 g, fats 50.36 g, carbohydrates 21.76 g, vitamins (mg): E 7.2 mg, B1 0.24 mg, B2 0.12 mg, PP 11 mg.

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